- Thin Galaxies (Cam) -

Here I will present some quite thin galaxies with an axis ratio of at least 1:5. Nevertheless this value is calculated from the given angular size, so the visual impression can differ.

And (5) Cnc (6) Del (1) Hya (1) Lyn (4) Sex (2)
Ari (1) Com (5) Dra (9) Lac (2) Peg (6) Tri (2)
Boo (2) CVn (5) Gem (1) Leo (7) Psc (2) UMa (9)
Cam (3) Cyg (1) Her (1) LMi (2) Ser (1) Vir (12)

NGC 1560 (GLX)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 10×10'
Name: NGC1560, IC2062, UGC3060
Type: GLX
Constellation: Cam
Coordinates: 04h32m49.09s / +71°52'59.20"
Brightness / Size: 11m4 / 9.8x1.5'
Robert Zebahl
8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 21.0
At 37x quite faint, less evident, very elongated, nearly evenly bright. At 80x a foreground star was visible south of the center. The galaxy was getting broader toward the middle.

NGC 2591 (GLX)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
Name: NGC2591, UGC4472
Type: GLX
Constellation: Cam
Coordinates: 08h37m25.53s / +78°01'35.17"
Brightness / Size: 12m2 / 3.0x0.6'
Robert Zebahl
8" f/6, 133x, Bortle 4
Glimpsed with averted vision as very thin, very elongated brightening.

UGC 3697 (GLX)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
Name: UGC3697, Integral Sign Galaxy
Type: GLX
Constellation: Cam
Coordinates: 07h11m22.54s / +71°50'10.94"
Brightness / Size: 12m4 / 3.5x0.3'
Robert Zebahl
120mm f/5, 85x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 21.0

8" f/6, 150x, Bortle 6+, NELM 5m2, SQM-L 19.6
Rather faint and anything but evident, but still well visible. High surface brightness, very elongated, thin.

8" f/6, 171x, Bortle 4
This observation was some years ago. Fairly easily seen. Extremely thin, very faint, very elongated, evenly bright. A wisp of galaxy. The curves may be visible with significantly larger aperture.

René Merting
12.5" f/4.5, 111x, SQM-L 21.5
bei 72x wird die Integral Sign Galaxy als zarter langer gerader Strich erkennbar - bei 111x Ausdehnung 5:1 und schnurgerade - bei 206x wird an der Westseite eine leichte Biegung nach Norden erkennbar, die etwas auffächert und schnell schwächer wird - östlich der Galaxie ist ein schwacher Stern sichtbar, die Galaxie zeigt genau auf diesen Stern