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Hickson 61 (GLXGRP)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 8×8'
Name: HCG61, The Box
Constellation: Com
Coordinates: 12h12m22.00s / +29°11'09.00"

Group Members:
NGC4169 (UGC7202, H3.358) 12m3 1.8x0.9' (150°)
NGC4173 (UGC7204, H2.372) 12m7 5.0x0.7' (128°)
NGC4174 (UGC7206, H3.359) 13m6 0.8x0.3' (50°)
NGC4175 (UGC7211, H3.360) 13m4 1.8x0.4' (130°)
Robert Zebahl
120mm f/5, 48x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 21.3
I only saw the brightest member NGC4169. At 48x still compact, at 85x roundish to slightly oval, condensed.

8" f/6, 100x, Bortle 3, NELM 6m3, SQM-L 21.5
All four members were visible. NGC4169 is brightest member and apparent with direct vision. Appeared as oval nebula with brighter core. NGC4174 & NGC4175 appeared elongated, whereas NGC4174 is fairly compact. Both galaxies well seen with averted vision. NGC4173 held with averted vision, very thin & elongated, but quite faint and evenly bright. An awesome group of galaxies, especially when you see all members at once!

8" f/6, 150x, Bortle 4
NGC4169 most easy, which can be seen with direct vision as an oval nebula with much brighter core. Smallest and second brightest regarding to high surface brightness is NGC4174: relatively small, elongated, apparent with averted vision. More difficult is NGC4175: Permanently held with averted vision as elongated nebula. Largest, but very faint NGC4173 not seen.