- Thin Galaxies (Hya) -

Here I will present some quite thin galaxies with an axis ratio of at least 1:5. Nevertheless this value is calculated from the given angular size, so the visual impression can differ.

And (5) Cnc (6) Del (1) Hya (1) Lyn (4) Tri (2)
Ari (1) Com (4) Dra (9) Lac (2) Peg (6) UMa (7)
Boo (1) CVn (5) Gem (1) Leo (5) Psc (2) Vir (4)
Cam (3) Cyg (1) Her (1) LMi (1) Sex (1)

MCG-1-24-1 (GLX)

Image source: DSS II (red) - 8×8'
Name: MCG-1-24-1, UGCA150
Type: GLX
Constellation: Hya
Coordinates: 09h10m49.46s / -08°53'26.51"
Brightness / Size: 11m3 / 5.3x0.9'
120mm f/5, 108x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 21.0
SQM-L 20.5: Towards horizon the sky was unfortunately a bit hazy. At 108x the halo around the 9.43 mag star seemed to be a bit irregular, but I didn't saw the galaxy for sure. I also tried it at 50x and 75x. But I'm pretty sure, that the galaxy could be seen with this aperture under better conditions.

8" f/6, 80x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 21.0
SQM-L 20.5: At 80x obviously oval / slightly elongated shape (NE-SW), getting somewhat brighter toward the middle. At 150x the galaxy appeared very elongated. At both magnifications quite easily seen with averted vision.