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Hickson 34 (GLXGRP)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
Name: HCG34, Arp327
Constellation: Ori
Coordinates: 05h21m47.00s / +06°41'00.00"

Group Members:
NGC1875 13.7 mag 0.8x0.7'
PGC17173 b18.3 mag 0.2x0.2'
PGC17175 b17.1 mag 0.4x0.2'
PGC17176 b17.4 mag 0.4x0.2'
Southeastern of the dominant NGC1875 are the three much more fainter members, which are arranged in a curved chain.

8" f/6, 216x, Bortle 5+, SQM-L 20.9
SQM-L 20.3: I've only tried the bright NGC1875 of course: Altitude of about 40°. Appeared round, almost evenly bright, difficult to hold with averted vision.