- Open Clusters (Vul) -

And (3) Cep (23) CVn (1) Lac (6) Per (13) Sgr (5)
Aql (5) CMa (3) Cyg (23) Lyr (2) Pup (6) Tau (6)
Aur (8) CMi (1) Gem (10) Mon (7) Sct (3) Tri (1)
Cam (3) Cnc (3) Her (1) Oph (3) Ser (2) UMa (1)
Cas (25) Com (1) Hya (1) Ori (11) Sge (1) Vul (5)

NGC6800 (OC)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 10×10'
Name: NGC6800, H8.21
Type: OC
Constellation: Vul
Coordinates: 19h27m06.00s / +25°08'00.00"
Brightness / Size: - / 5.0x5.0'
80mm f/6.25, 25x
Observation under partly clouded urban sky. The cluster appeared at 25x more like a star cloud. At 83x some stars were seen. Moderate contrast to the surrounding.

NGC6802 (OC)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 8×8'
Name: NGC6802, H6.14
Type: OC
Constellation: Vul
Coordinates: 19h30m36.00s / +20°15'34.00"
Brightness / Size: 8m8 / 3.2x3.2'
152mm f/5.9, 22x, Bortle 3-, SQM-L 21.3
Pretty small, diffuse, almost evenly bright, rather faint, but still well visible with averted vision.

8" f/6, 133x, Bortle 5
At 37x just a slightly elongated brightening with averted vision. At higher magnification many faint stars were seen.

NGC6830 (OC)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 12×12'
Name: NGC6830, H7.9
Type: OC
Constellation: Vul
Coordinates: 19h50m59.00s / +23°06'00.00"
Brightness / Size: 7m9 / 12.0x12.0'
B 40mm, 8x, Bortle 6-, NELM 5.3, SQM-L 19.3
Fairly faint, small, less conspicuous.

4.5" f/8, 75x, Bortle 7, NELM 5.0
About 5 stars visible with direct vision, about 10 stars with averted vision. Mainly fainter stars fairly scattered without considerable concentration toward the middle. Relatively good contrast to the surrounding. Shape more elongated.

NGC6885 (OC)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 15×15'
Name: NGC6885, H8.20
Type: OC
Constellation: Vul
Coordinates: 20h12m01.00s / +26°28'42.00"
Brightness / Size: 8m1 / 7.0x7.0'
8" f/6, 200x, Bortle 4
Indeed I could see a couple of faint stars, but an assignment to the cluster is actually hard. I also observed this cluster with smaller aperture and lower magnification.

NGC6940 (OC)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 50×50'
Name: NGC6940, H7.8
Type: OC
Constellation: Vul
Coordinates: 20h34m26.00s / +28°17'00.00"
Brightness / Size: 6m3 / 31.0x31.0'
B 40mm, 8x, Bortle 4-, NELM 5.7+, SQM-L 20.9
Evident, relatively large, evenly bright, diffuse, oval. At the northeastern and southern edge 2 moderately bright stars.

80mm f/6.25, 25x, Bortle 6-, NELM 5.0
At 25x about 7 stars but nothing else apparent. At 83x some more, fainter stars. Not noticeable as a cluster.

8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 4
Large, rich cluster with many fainter and moderately bright members. Star density varies within the cluster and is much higher than the surroundings. No concentration toward the middle apparent.