- Open Clusters (Sct) -

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M11 (OC)

Image source: DSS I - 20×20'
Name: M11, NGC6705, Wild Duck Cluster
Type: OC
Constellation: Sct
Coordinates: 18h51m05.00s / -06°16'12.00"
Brightness / Size: 5m8 / 14.0x14.0'
B 40mm, 8x, Bortle 5, NELM 5.5
Very evident. Round, diffuse, brightening toward the middle.

70mm f/5.7, 10x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 20.9
At 10x quite compact brightening with prominent star at the edge. The cluster appeared slightly granular with averted vision. At 31x with averted vision many, fine stars visible, whereby the background still appeared partly granular, partly diffuse. The shape of the star cluster was comet-shaped or triangular.

120mm f/5, 23x, Bortle 6
Awesome view! At 23x evident, rather compact, rich. At the edge a brighter field star. At 50x very rich, appearing triangle-shaped.

8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 21.1
Already resolvable at lower magnification with many fainter stars. A bit outside of the center an evident bright star. At 96x awesome view! Background appears still diffuse. Many chains and groups of stars, so the cluster appears irregular.

M26 (OC)

Image source: DSS I - 15×15'
Name: M26, NGC6694
Type: OC
Constellation: Sct
Coordinates: 18h45m18.00s / -09°23'00.00"
Brightness / Size: 8m9 / 15.0x15.0'
8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 4
At 37x evident as a small cloud, whereas about 5 stars are visible with direct vision. At 96x some fainter stars apparent. Overall quite small, more loose. A chain of fainter stars stands out of the cluster.

NGC6664 (OC)

Image source: DSS II (red) - 25×25'
Name: NGC6664, H8.12
Type: OC
Constellation: Sct
Coordinates: 18h36m37.00s / -07°48'48.00"
Brightness / Size: 7m8 / 16.0x16.0'
8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 4
Obvious as a group of medium bright, scattered stars without any noticeable concentration toward the middle.