- Globular Clusters (Sco) -

And (1) Boo (1) Del (2) Lyr (1) Sct (1) Vir (1)
Aql (3) Cap (1) Her (3) Oph (7) Ser (4)
Aqr (2) Com (3) Lep (1) Peg (2) Sge (1)
Aur (1) CVn (1) Lyn (1) Sco (2) Sgr (6)

M4 (GC)

Image source: DSS II (red) - 26×26'
Name: M4, NGC6121
Type: GC
Constellation: Sco
Coordinates: 16h23m35.22s / -26°31'32.70"
Brightness / Size: 5.4 mag / 26.0x26.0'
4.5" f/8, 72x, Bortle 6+
Already seen at 28x as very faint brightening with averted vision. At 72x fairly well seen with averted vision, granularity not clearly perceptible. Separated stars were not visible.

8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 3, NELM 6.5, SQM-L 21.6
Relatively large, slight brightening toward the middle with a less distinct center. The outer regions were partially resolved. At 100x the cluster was widely resolvable, whereas the center appeared still diffuse. An evident chain of brighter stars goes through the center. Overall a more loose cluster in comparison to other prominent globular clusters, why the cluster appears a bit fainter.

M80 (GC)

Image source: DSS II (red) - 10×10'
Name: M80, NGC6093
Type: GC
Constellation: Sco
Coordinates: 16h17m02.41s / -22°58'33.90"
Brightness / Size: 7.9 mag / 10.0x10.0'
8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 3, NELM 6.5
Very bright, compact center with much fainter outer regions. The edge regions were partially resolved at 150x, otherwise they appeared granulous. The center was still fairly compact.