- Globular Clusters (Peg) -

And (1) Boo (1) Del (2) Lyr (1) Sct (1) Vir (1)
Aql (3) Cap (1) Her (3) Oph (7) Ser (4)
Aqr (2) Com (3) Lep (1) Peg (2) Sge (1)
Aur (1) CVn (1) Lyn (1) Sco (2) Sgr (6)

M15 (GC)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 18×18'
Name: M15, NGC7078
Type: GC
Constellation: Peg
Coordinates: 21h29m58.33s / +12°10'01.20"
Brightness / Size: 6m2 / 18.0x18.0'
naked eye, Bortle 4+, NELM 6.3+, SQM-L 21.2
I saw a nearly stellar brightening, but this could also be the nearby 6.1 mag star. So I am not sure.

B 40mm, 8x, Bortle 4, NELM 6.1, SQM-L 21.0
Evident with direct vision, but almost stellar. Can be easily confused with a star. With averted vision slightly extended. Only the bright, compact center was visible.

4.5" f/8, 28x, Bortle 7, NELM 4.5
Bright, quite well defined center with fainter outer regions. At 112x the outer regions appeared with averted vision granulous and I could glimpse some single stars.

8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 21.0
SQM-L 20.8: At 37x very bright, compact center. The outer regions appeared granulous with averted vision. At 80x the outer regions are well resolvable, otherwise the cluster appeared more granulous. At 150x the cluster was resolvable close to the center. The center itself appeared still compact and wasn't resolved. The outer regions were irregular with many star chains.

Pal13 (GC)

Image source: DSS I - 5×5'
Name: Pal13
Type: GC
Constellation: Peg
Coordinates: 23h06m44.48s / +12°46'19.20"
Brightness / Size: 13m8 / 0.7x0.7'
33" f/3.9, 700x, Bortle 4+, SQM-L 21.3
Round, slightly condensed. Well seen with averted vision.