- Globular Clusters (Lyr) -

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M56 (GC)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 9×9'
Name: M56, NGC6779
Type: GC
Constellation: Lyr
Coordinates: 19h16m35.57s / +30°11'00.50"
Brightness / Size: 8m3 / 8.8x8.8'
B 40mm, 8x, Bortle 6-, NELM 5.3, SQM-L 19.3
Fairly well seen with averted vision as round, condensed brightening.

S 60mm, 23x, Bortle 6-, NELM 5.0
Observed with a cheap 60mm spotting scope. Roundish, slight brightening toward the middle. Not resolvable. Fairly well seen with averted vision.

80mm f/6.25, 83x, Bortle 6-, NELM 5.0
Already seen at 25x as roundish brightening with averted vision. At 83x slight brightening toward the middle. Barely seen with direct vision. Diffuse.

102mm f/11, 125x, Bortle 6, SQM-L 19.5
With averted vision the cluster appeared in the peripheral areas already partially granular. A few individual stars were also glimpsed at the outermost edge, whereby they could also be foreground stars. Otherwise the cluster appeared moderately condensed.

120mm f/5, 200x, Bortle 4-, SQM-L 20.8
Bright, getting brighter towards the middle. Not resolvable, but appeared slightly mottled.

8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 4
Less evident center. At 171x some scattered stars in the edge regions visible, otherwise more granulous. Background still diffuse.