- Bright Nebulas (Sgr) -

Aur (7) Cep (11) Gem (1) Per (4) Tau (6)
Cam (2) CMa (1) Mon (3) Ser (1) Tri (4)
Cas (8) Cyg (11) Ori (14) Sgr (2) Vul (2)

M8 (BN)

Image source: DSS II (red) - 80×80'
Name: M8, NGC6523, Lagoon Nebula
Type: BN, EN, RN
Constellation: Sgr
Coordinates: 18h03m37.00s / -24°23'12.00"
Brightness / Size: 6m0 / 60.0x40.0'
B 40mm, 8x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 20.9
Evident brightening with an embedded, slightly curved chain of 4 stars.

8" f/6, 37x + UHC, Bortle 4
Unfortunately quite low altitude with high light pollution. Without any filter only the brightest part was visible. The involved open cluster NGC6530 was more obvious. With UHC filter the nebula popped out and many details could be seen. Very impressive is the dark lane, which divides the nebula into two parts. Also the use of a [HBeta] filter preserves many details and gave a nice view.

M17 (BN)

Image source: DSS II (red) - 60×60'
Name: M17, NGC6618, Omega Nebula, Swan Nebula
Type: BN, EN
Constellation: Sgr
Coordinates: 18h20m47.00s / -16°10'18.00"
Brightness / Size: 6m0 / -
B 40mm, 8x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 20.9
Evident, slightly elongated, evenly bright.

8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 5
Despite brightened sky the nebula is very obvious even without any filter due to its high surface brightness. With filter increasing contrast. Awesome view. Also different filters (UHC, [HBeta]) show interesting details. The swan shape is with and without a filter easily visible.