- Bright Nebulas (Per) -

Aur (7) Cep (11) Gem (1) Per (4) Tau (6)
Cam (2) CMa (1) Mon (3) Ser (1) Tri (4)
Cas (8) Cyg (11) Ori (14) Sgr (2) Vul (2)

IC348 (BN)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 10×10'
Name: IC348, LBN758
Type: BN
Constellation: Per
Coordinates: 03h44m34.00s / +32°09'48.00"
Brightness / Size: - / 10.0x10.0'
8" f/6, 66x, Bortle 4-
Beginning from a small group of stars I could see a diffuse brightening towards SE with averted vision.

NGC1333 (BN)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 10×10'
Name: NGC1333
Type: BN, RN
Constellation: Per
Coordinates: 03h29m16.00s / +31°22'55.00"
Brightness / Size: - / 6.0x3.0'
8" f/6, 66x, Bortle 4-
At 37x the nebula appears roundish around a 10.47m star. At 66x and 96x more oval or slightly elongated besides this star, evenly bright, diffuse.

NGC1491 (BN)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 9×9'
Name: NGC1491, H1.258
Type: BN, EN
Constellation: Per
Coordinates: 04h03m15.90s / +51°18'54.00"
Brightness / Size: b11m3 / 9.0x6.0'
8" f/6, 37x + [OIII], Bortle 4-, NELM 5.7+, SQM-L 20.9
Without any filter barely seen with direct vision, evident with averted vision, diffuse, evenly bright. With [OIII] filter evident with direct vision. Relatively small, bright. On the edge an 11.27m star.

NGC1499 (BN)

Image source: DSS II (red) - 120×120'
Name: NGC1499, California Nebula
Type: BN, EN
Constellation: Per
Coordinates: 04h01m00.00s / +36°25'00.00"
Brightness / Size: 5m0 / 160.0x40.0'
70mm f/5.7, 10x + HBeta, Bortle 4-, SQM-L 20.9
With HBeta filter very conspicuous with averted vision, large, slightly curved with irregular shape. To some extent I could see differences in brightness within the nebula. With UHC filter the nebula appeared pretty faint without any details and was only visible with averted vision. Without any filter the nebula was not visible.

4.5" f/8, 28x + HBeta, Bortle 3, NELM 6.4
Barely visible with direct vision, with averted vision obvious. Very large, elongated, slightly curved brightening, which could be followed over the entire field of view of about 2.4° due to the usage of a 2" focuser. Overall very diffuse.

120mm f/5, 18x + HBeta, Bortle 6-, NELM 4.8+, SQM-L 19.1
With UHC filter not visible, with [HBeta] filter seen as large, rather elongated brightening without any details. The shape appeared irregular, the edges itself quite diffuse.

8" f/6, 28x + UHC, Bortle 4
Very large and diffuse, evident with averted vision, when comparing with the surroundings. Moving the telescope can help. With [HBeta] filter slightly more contrast. Within the nebula I noticed some differences in brightness. Even without any filter the nebula was visible with averted vision, but fairly faint.